Our referees love the game of rugby and are dedicated to keeping games across Northland running smoothly. The bottom line is games can’t go ahead without our hard working referees. So why do we shout insults? Question their decisions? And paint them in such a negative light? At Northland Rugby we say lets keep it positive. It is time to show our appreciation for our referees, create kinder sidelines in Northland and #RespectTheRef. Are you in?  


Referees face negative attention at almost every match and at NRU we believe we can all play our part in creating a positive game experience for all. Referees are human to, so join us as we show our refs some respect.

When you are immersed in the passion and pace of a game of rugby, it can be hard to remember that our referees are human too. Find out more about some of our referees, their drive, their interests and their love for the game. 

Want to join us on our mission to create kinder sidelines? Check out our resources for your club or organisation below. 


How do I become a referee?

You can fill out a form (linked at the end of this page) that gets sent to our team. Following that, an area Co-Ordinator will get in contact with you.

We will also send you a form to fill in that tells us what level you have experience in and what you think you are most interested in.
Do referees have to complete training?

All referees have a mentor with regular meetings to ensure they have the support they need to excel.

There is a fitness component just to see where your base fitness is as each level has a requirement to ensure you keep up with the game.

There is a law component that you can practice through our website, giving you 3 opportunities a season to better your score. All questions and answers are on the website to study before sitting.

Weekly meetings occur via zoom or in person in your area to ensure any questions you may have are answered.
What types of game can I referee?

Depending on your pre experience, as in if you were a player recently or if you are totally new to the game of rugby.

Depending on the experience the lowest grade U12 is held at Kensington park every Saturday for term 2 and 3.

IMB (U14 up to U18) are played all around the North.

Senior Rugby is played around the North also.
Do referees get paid?

Depending on funding they get a donation for each game they referee.

Depending on milage you will get a donation towards your milage.
Who do I report to as a referee?

There is one person that overseas all First Years. There is also a Referee Educator Officer (REO) in Whangarei and in the North available to assist you.

Each person has a coach/mentor so any questions go to them, but you are welcome to ask any referee for help or ring our Referee Administrator and she will get you onto the correct person.

Are you an ex player? Rugby enthusiast? Or a stickler for the rule book? You could get involved in rugby in Northland by becoming a referee. Find out more below.